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We are a start-up created in 2016, specializing in offensive information security, that is, focused on identifying vulnerabilities using the same techniques and tactics used by hackers. Our professionals are experienced, certified specialists, are in constant professional development, contribute to the security community in general and are also attuned to the latest published vulnerabilities.


Make companies safe through offensive security with quality, fair price and accessible to all sizes of customers.


To be a reference company in offensive security, recognized as the best for the quality of our services and relationships.


Be Ethical in all aspects. Fair to all customers. Sustainable with our planet. And human in our relationships.



Discover the services we offer to help our customers make their environments safer.

Social Engineering

Test your users and see how they behave in this type of attack.


Train your users in offensive security and they will be able to think like hackers.

Head Hunter

We will find for you that specialist professional so rare in the market.


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Find out about some research carried out by BRZTEC specialists that helped make the Internet a more safer place.

DoD - Dept Of Defense

We reported 2 vulnerabilities to the U.S. Dept Of Defense through the "Hack The Pentagon" program.

GM - General Motors

We reported 9 vulnerabilities to GM - General Motors through the HackerOne program.


We reported 7 zero-day vulnerabilities in IBM products. CVE's: CVE-2014-0890, CVE-2014-3088, CVE-2014-4747, CVE-2014-4748, CVE-2014-4766, CVE-2015-2014, CVE-2015-2015


We reported 1 vulnerability to Yahoo! through the HackerOne program.


We reported 1 vulnerability to Yahoo! through the HackerOne program.


We reported 4 vulnerabilities to Adobe through the HackerOne program.


We reported 1 vulnerability to Google that affected Google Chrome more precisely the XSS Auditor module of this browser.


We reported 1 vulnerability to Yahoo! through the HackerOne program..


We report 9 vulnerabilities to Bookfresh! through the HackerOne program.

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